With the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, the upgrading and transformation for global manufacturing industry is imminent. Industry robots have ranking the first world's largest application market for five years. Nowadays, policies in various countries vigorously promote the development of intelligent equipment and robotics industry. And with the promotion of market factors, robotics industry shows great prospects and attracts under more and more capital and technology giants. The application scenarios of all kinds of robots are also expanding, the process of localization of core components is accelerating. Innovative enterprises are emerging in large numbers, and some technologies can form large-scale products, having obvious advantages in some fields. On the demand side, the production mode will change to flexible, intelligent and fine, will build a future characterized by intelligent manufacturing. With the rapid increase of labor cost and the gradual disappearance of population dividend, a new manufacturing system is imminent. Thus the demand for industrial robots will increase dramatically. In the future, the competition of equipment industry is the convergence ability of industry chain. Eugene is committed to helping customers. Upgrading the level of equipment manufacturing, upgrading the processing ability of industrial control integration suite and implement the control solution on the ground.