Foundry smelting is one of the basic processes in modern mechanical manufacturing industry. Foundry is a kind of metal processing technology.  The process is  through pours liquid metal into casting cavity which is suitable for the shape of parts. After cooling and solidification, then get the final foundry parts. Most of the cast materials are solid but need heating treatment to liquid metal (such as steel, iron, aluminium, tin, lead, etc.). Casting materials can be sand, metal or even ceramics, and also used with different  methods. 
Casting equipment can be divided into: melting equipment, such as cupola, induction furnace, electric arc furnace, reverberatory furnace, resistance furnace, dry boiler etc,.. Liquid metal treatment and pouring equipment, such as vacuum treatment equipment, desulfurization equipment, deterioration treatment equipment, automatic pouring machine, etc. Sand treatment equipment, such as sand mixer, used-sand recycling equipment, etc. Molding core-making equipment, such as molding machine, sand blasting machine, core -shooting machine, etc.. Sand blasting cleaning equipment, such as shot blasting machine, electro-hydraulic sand cleaning device, casting heat treatment equipment, such as high manganese steel heat treatment equipment, malleable cast iron heat treatment furnace, etc. According to the different molding methods, it can be divided into sand casting equipment, investment casting equipment, metal casting equipment, pressure casting equipment and so on. 
     Among the casting equipment, the core-making equipment has developed most rapidly. It has developed from single-machine automation to the whole production line automation, including the automation of casting, sand-dropping and sand treatment system. 
     The trend of casting equipment is higher of automation. PC is used to control and adjust it.
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