Under the background of the integration of digital technology and manufacturing technology, and supported by virtual reality, computer network, rapid prototyping, database and multimedia technology, resource information can be collected fast according to users‘ needs, and product information, process information and resource information can be analyzed quickly.
      in general, Digitalization is the basic process of digitization, which transforms a lot of complex and changeable information into measurable figures and data, then transforms these digital models into a series of binary codes, combine the data into internal calculation, and carries out unified processing. With the development of computer technology, for the first time, human beings can use very concise 0 and 1 coding technology to realize the coding of all sounds, words, images and different data, the collection, processing, storage and transmission of all kinds of information, and finally achieve standardization and high-speed processing. Digital manufacturing refers to the digitalization of manufacturing field. It is the result of the intersection, integration, development and application of manufacturing technology, network technology and management science. It is also the inevitable trend for manufacturing enterprises, manufacturing systems and production processes, and production systems to continuously realize digitalization. Its connotation includes three levels: design-centered digital manufacturing technology and control-centered digital manufacturing technology. Characterized manufacturing technology, Management-centered digital manufacturing technology.