DISA (Denmark) –First High Speed Molding Machine Equipment
Time:2019-05-08 08:56 ????source:ugean
UGEAN undertakes the DISA abroad system transfer technology, Successful pass the final certification and product finishing
In September 2016, DISA proudly announced a major breakthrough. The first high-speed DISAMATIC C3 molding line was installed and commissioned in Chinese market. The high-speed DISAMATIC C3 is different from the global DISAMATIC D3 molding line. DISAMATIC C3 is designed for the needs of small and medium-sized foundries. DISAMATIC C3 adopts vertical molding technology, aiming at improving industry standards, radically changing the standards of casting speed, quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness and working environment.
UGEAN produced the electronic control system of this important milestone in the modeling line. After the project was transferred from Europe to domestic production in 2011, DISA handed over the electronic control system of DISAMATIC C3 molding line to UGEAN. Through DISA and UGEAN continuous discussions and technical exchanges, Ugean made this control cabinet according to European standards. After more than four years of repeated testing, the production process of the control cabinet has reached the same standard in Europe, not only in safety and stability, and also reduced manufacturing costs, and improved customer competitiveness in the domestic market.